BPL B16 Digital BP Monitor

BPL B16 Digital BP Monitor

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Product Description:

 BPL 120/80 B16 is an automatic type of blood monitor enabled with a high tech measurement technology to monitor blood pressure with the arm

- The light weight and portable device works on the oscillometric principle and automatic pressurization

- Its advanced fuzzy algorithm prevents over pumping and provides accurate readings

- The BP monitor is equipped with large LCD display that provides great display clarity and enables seamless reading

- It automatically alerts the user on incorrect usage and operation

- The automatic memory function records the last 120 memories combined of 4 different users, and also provides an average of last 3 readings

- The results can be easily interpreted with the help of the colour classification recommended by who. Green colour stands for low bp, Yellow for normal and Red for high bp.

- In case of incorrect usage of device or incorrect cuff placement error message is displayed for the user

- The blood pressure monitor comes with a latex-free cuff

- The size of the cuff is 22-36 cm, recommended for adults only


Warranty: 1 Year